Concealed Carry in Vermont

Concealed Carry Permit Issue Class: Unrestricted / No Issue

The “Unrestricted / No Issue” classification means that the state of Vermont does not require or even issue permits to it’s residents for concealed carry in the state.

While this means any Vermont resident (assuming they can legally possess or own a firearm under federal law) can carry concealed inside the state’s boundaries without a permit, it also means a Vermont resident cannot  carry concealed in other states that allow non-resident concealed carry since they do not possess a physical concealed carry permit. A way to avoid this situation is get apply for a concealed carry permit from a state that grants permits to non-residents and use that permit for out-of-state concealed carry. Florida and Utah are popular options for this method due to the ease of approval and these states have reciprocal agreements with a large amount of states.

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